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bocas real estate bocas real estate bocas real estate
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“I first came to Bocas del Toro from San Francisco, California in l996 and moved here permanently in 1997. My late husband and I opened the first “gringo” restaurant, which is now owned by others and still open today. That was our first accomplishment in a foreign country with vastly different ways of doing things. We shared our experiences with fellow ex-pats and helped each other acclimate. We have witnessed a great many changes here over the years, and continue to incorporate what we learn from our experiences into our real estate business in an effort to provide better service to our customers, buyers and sellers alike.”

Buena Vista Realty Owner, Sumayyah McCarren

“I came down to Bocas in 2003 via Texas and Florida. I was looking for Jimmy Buffett’s Key West Florida forty years ago and found it here. Entire communities built over the water. Natives paddling dugout canoes as fiberglass motorboats passed them. Island music everywhere and a true cast of ex-pat characters right out of a pirate book. My job is to help you make the right decisions depending on your lifestyle as to where you want to live and play. Some like life in the outer islands for the solace; some like living close to Bocas Town for the action. I have gained invaluable knowledge that you get to tap into, which will save you time and money. I look forward to helping you live your dream.”

Real Estate Consultant, JB Seligman

In addition to being knowledgeable about the real estate properties for sale in Bocas we can also offer you our insight into the local marketplace, gained from our personal experience with developing properties and building homes here in Bocas.  Whether you are a newcomer or a tourist passing through Bocas you are welcomed into the community.
Purchasing property in a foreign country can be challenging and our goal is to make that experience as pleasant and enjoyable for you as we can. Finding the right property to fulfill your needs and fit your budget is only the beginning. We can assist you in finding bank financing through the network of banks and mortgage brokers that we have developed relationships with over the years. We can also help you when the time comes for you to build by providing you with a list of contractors that we personally have used or that are known to be reputable.

For more information about Buena Vista Realty, our listings and the various services that we offer, please browse through our website. We welcome you to contact us regarding real estate in Bocas del Toro.


  bocas real estate

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