Bocas sends off two favorite sons with boat and surfboard parades.

Bocas has lost two favorite well respected sons. Andy Crawford , a long time Bocas resident from Texas passed recently. An accomplished musician with percussion instruments as well as mastering the steel drum, he will be greatly missed on the vibrant local Bocas music scene. He was also a surfer always riding the waves on Isla Carenero Point..On September 9th over 60 boaters, SUPers , kayakers and surfers gathered at the Point for a magical send off with his ashes spread in this favorite place.It was a fitting event to a great friend!

Another local favorite son the community lost was Oreal Joseph, arguable the best fishing charter boat captain in Bocas. Known for his annual popular fishing tourmanents, Oreal, was a local fixture on the fishing scene as well as the go to guy for “Wheres the fish today?” You could always see his boat coming back to his home base on Isla Carenero in the afternoons with a “thumps up” sign. Several weeks ago a send off boat parade of 60 boats ,many their fishing rigs in the rocket launchers as a tribute with to his fishing fame did a spectacular boat parade to his final place on Isla Bastimentos.

It is touching how this community of locals and ex-pats get together and honor each other.