News Flash-The Bocas Breeze Celebrates 15 Years Publishing Island News That You Can Use.

The Bocas Breeze local newspaper just turned 15 years old. Conceived by Phyl MacMillan in 2004 and now published/ edited by Nicholas Corea ,the paper has expanded into an English/ Spanish version for ex-pats, tourists as well as locals to be able to learn about what is going on here in our tropical paradise.

Published monthly, ‘The Breeze” as us locals call it, is the true coconut telegraph of the heart beat of the community . It covers educational, sporting and social events, in which there are many. For those of you that are thinking about moving here, The Breeze is a great way to get some advanced knowledge on the area and its people before you come to either visit or live. The paper is free and is also on-line at www.thebocasbreeze.com