Pirates invade Bocas… For the second time !

Local residents braced for yet another attack by pirates, the second one since the 1700s. “Something has to be done, they come in at night and drink all our beer and grog then go back to their ship not being seen until the next night” says Mookie Mook, the Bocas towns’ watch man and expert on beer drinking. However a new extrication plan was just hatched. The Boys from Bambuda Lodge on Isla Solarte are going to sneak over and using a case of locally brewed Bocas Brewery Shark Ale as bait, lure the pirates over to Isla Solarte’s Indigenous village and there they will be marooned until the next pirate ship arrives maybe before 2020. The Bambuda Lodge Boys will then commandeer the pirate ship and use it for day tours. ARRRGH!