Purchase Incentive for Brand New Titled House Designed for Eco-B&B Close To Bluff Beach



This 3100 ft2 house is build on 1 acre TITLED property, has 5 extra-large 340 ft2 bedrooms, 5 1/2  bathrooms, all with river-stone sinks, walk in showers and designer toilets. A 680 ft2 deck with lounge corner, dining area and open kitchen, embrace the opportunity to enjoy lush jungle views, watch and hear the countless birds and monkeys visiting daily, while a nice breeze gently blows your stress away. The garden has papaya, pineapple, sweet banana, plantain, jack fruit, avocado, orange plumbs, coconut, lemon grass, different sorts of hibiscus, lilies, ornamental gingers, and so much more…

The 31 ft long swimming pool right in front of the house invites you to take a dip and enjoy a cool drink.

This unique house is designed to function as a B&B, a long term rental, or a huge family home, yet preserving full privacy for the main owners. (If wanted, the second floor could simply be closed, keeping the whole second floor private).

The owners build this house for themselves, and initially planned to run a ECO-B&B. This goal in mind shows on so many different levels. Originally the owners had decided not to install a solar system as the new owners will have their own needs and design their own system. As an incentive to buy NOW the owners are offering a temporary incentive. They will include a new 24 panel  solar system, to be ordered after the initial deposit is paid on the purchase of the property . OR they will deduct the cost of solar unit from the price of sale at time of purchase (buyers choice).  Also the sellers will offer “owner financing” with 1/2 the purchase price paid upfront and monthly payments to be discussed. 

They have installed a generator for electrical use now as well as water pump, filters and water heater. The kitchen stove is on the standard propane and a refrigerator. 

Starting with the owners search for the best location at one of the most pristine and high end spots in Bocas known as the Bluff Beach area, it is close to the beach but not too close (to avoid the downside of it like salt and noise of the waves,  so it is located 500m away from main road. They found this stunning piece of titled land, a perfect match between the jungle and beach, between untouched and landscaped.  

Before even starting to build, all possible preparations have been done, like soil tests, title registration investigation and a topographic survey. Their design was put on paper by one of the best architects and engineers in Panama.

Their choice of materials and the techniques used, were all based on the idea to ‘last long and be strong’, yet beautiful and charming. Visiting this pearl, will allow you to examine this high quality, design, and construction skills at a glance, far exceeding the majority of houses in Bocas!

So if you want to enjoy life in the Caribbean, yet need a steady income, this is your chance. Avoid the long and difficult hassle of building yourself, avoid renovating  existing disasters, and run your own stress-free dream business…

And for the very passionate people, there is still the possibility of expanding with more casitas…This property offers a unique profit opportunity.

Price also includes a 20ft container (functioning as garage for bikes ),and lots of items bought to start the B&B (towels, curtains, bed sheets, cushions, mosquito nets, cooking pots, plates and cutlery, 4 professional beach tennis set (with net), 4 small safes, 2 big safes, books, games, tourist brochures, lounge seats, sun beds, 10 imported Bali armchairs, dining table, bed, light features,couch,… and so much more (detailed list available on request). Here’s a golden opportunity to have a brand new family compound or a new business. Come see us for a viewing.



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