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Can you imagine living on a private 57 acres ( 23 hectares) and making pina coladas from your own freshly picked pineapples? Explore near-by Red Frog Beach.  Snorkel the many local coral reefs, enjoy Crawl Cay where you order food and snorkel the area waiting for lunch of lobster and freshly caught fish by the local fisherman in their cayucos. Enjoy the freedom to land with your own helicopter or sea plane. Enjoy your morning coffee with a view of the Caribbean Sea, other islands and lush jungle. Listen to the sounds of the jungle coming alive in the morning and evening.
Have you read the news about Panama having no personal income tax? The Republic of Panama is a democracy. The Panama Canal is a strong constant economic factor for the country unlike other Central American countries. Panama’s currency is the American dollar (USD). 
This property is located in the Panama Providence of Bocas del Toro which in part is the archipelago consisting of nine Caribbean islands. Tourist friendly from world class surfing and naturalists and is home to one of the most beautiful unspoiled environments in this hemisphere.
This huge compound was originally built in part as an income  generating marina.  Bocas is a boating hurricane hole and has many boats during all seasons.The current owners do not operate the marina but could be restarted as all licences are in place. There is a natural water well on the property so water is never an issue.This beautiful property can also house a large church organization, private school, private retreat, hideaway or family compound.
The  surveyed property is below the hurricane belt and located in the very protected lagoon of Isla Bastimentos surrounded by jungle, tropical islands, beautiful beaches, caves and coral reefs. The first 4 acres with buildings are currently  in the titling process with the government.
The property has 2  large houses, 1 guesthouse (6 rooms and 4 bathrooms), 1 cabin with kitchen and bathroom as well as 1 groundskeeper house.
4 + acres of bananas, plantains, yucca, taro, breadfruit, lime, cacao, pineapple and many other eatable plants.
Wildlife of white faced monkeys, armadillos, , sloths,  iguana, exotic birds and butterfly’s and much more.​
The specifics of the property are: 

Main House–  2,250 sq ft, completely remodeled, windows and doors,  2 levels, separate entrance,2 bathrooms, AC, laundry and  BBQ terrace

Guesthouse– 2,460 sq ft, 2 levels, 4 bathrooms, 6 rooms, fully furnished, laundry room

Restaurant  / Kitchen: 2,400 sq ft, large hang out area,  fully equipped commercial kitchen ( fridges, freezer, sinks, pantry…etc)  storage, bathroom

Cabana : 400 sq ft with kitchen and bathroom.

Marina Bathrooms: two buildings, men’s & women’s, 2 lavatories and showers per building.

Marina workshop building: 1,000 sq ft,  concrete floor, secure storage room.

Marina House: 1000 sq ft 

Workshop Storage  Building: 4,000+ sq ft

Marina Office 

Helicopter pad

Main Dock/ Bodega. 150′ covered dock and boat area with large 8’x16′ dock storage bodega. 200′ marina floating dock  with full water and power hook ups. Accommodates up to 18 vessels comfortably.

Groundskeeper House:– 400 sq ft, 2 bedroom

Plenty of additional space to build more structures to fit buyers needs

Construction quality:
All buildings are constructed with high quality materials
Electrical System:
The largest and most robust off-grid solar system in all of Bocas del Toro
28,800 watts of USA made Mission solar panels- 96 panels in all.
8 Outback FM80 80A high quality solar charge controllers
4 Outback Power sealed marine rated inverters providing 240VAC power throughout the property capable of producing up to 20KW.
2,490 Amp hour battery bank by HuP Solar, highest quality flooded lead acid battery on the market today with a 10 year warranty and typical 20+ year lifespan.
Automatic battery watering system with deionized water filtration.
16KW Generac propane backup generator hardwired to main system, fully configurable and linked with main system to auto start if batteries get low.
Internet / Network:
Entire property has commercial grade outdoor rated Wifi routers.
Security Camera System: Covering property throughout with over 22 HD IP-cameras all accessible on any internet cable device both local and around the world.
Water System:
22,000 gallons of water storage in 3 heavy duty water bladders. You will never run out!
UV filtered water systems plumbed to each bathroom and kitchens in five buildings.
Full rainwater collection system with automatic incoming filtration made in Germany.
Septic Systems:
Property is serviced by five large septic tanks, main tanks serving houses are 1000 gallons each. Gray water is all handled by separate leach systems.
Propane plumbed under main building with a manifold of 6 Tropigas tanks.
Property Survey:


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The property is in a Panama Corporation and is Rights of Possession (ROP) with very clean ownership papers.
There are no property taxes on this land ownership.Also the owners may entertain the idea of selling all but the top owners house. The property is well manicured and is stunningly beautiful. For qualified buyers please contact us for a viewing.
1 Cabana with kitchen and bathroom as  well as  1  Groundskeeper House .The property has 2 Owner Occupied Houses , 1 Guesthouse ( 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms)
1 Cabana with kitchen and bathroom as well as 1 Groundskeeper House .he property has 2 Owner Occupied Houses 1 Guesthouse ( 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms)   
1 Cabana with kitchen and bathroom as  well as  1  Groundskeeper House .he property has 2 Owner Occupied Houses 1 Guesthouse ( 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms) 
 with kitchen and bathroom as  well as  1  Groundskeeper House .
The property has 2 Owner Occupied Houses 1 Guesthouse ( 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms)with kitchen and bathroom as  well as  1  Groundskeeper House .

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