Over The Simple Water Cabin In Saigon Bay- Isla Colon



Here is your chance to own a small cabin built over the water in paradise. You get to your cabin by your boat or water taxi. This island style rustic cabin is ideal for an owner who wants a low maintenance cabin whenever they visit. There is is a trusted local family that watches the house when the owner is gone. They only charge a small fee of $200 per month and it is well worth it as they also take care of the place.  City electric is also available. A water collection system can easily as the pvc pipes are installed, be installed. installed.The exterior was just painted Caribbean yellow. Fits in with all the other cabins on the water giving it a nice Caribbean look and feel.

The bottom floor has a porch, a kitchen, small dining area and a full bath. The top floor is a large bedroom. and a deck that has an incredible view of the sea,the mainland mountains and stunning sunsets. The cabin has all construction papers/ permits. In this situation where there is no land so you simply own the house from the water up. Attorneys just did the due diligence, so all paperwork is clean and in order. OWNER MUST SELL, BRING OFFERS!

Currently  A front porch and dock must be built . A water tank must be installed and some other small maintenance should be addressed. We fiqure about $10000 is needed to bring the place up to standard. That is the reason for the big price drop to reflect this.

Own this cabin and you can tell everyone that you own a piece of paradise and it only cost you a few coconuts!


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