New Caribbean Floating Bar Right Here In Bocas




Here is an opportunity to own a very unique floating bar in the Caribbean, right here in Bocas! So here is the new floating bar story… A young couple that are professional bartenders in The Hamptons during the summer season discovered Bocas on a trip after their high season travel. They wanted something to do here so they came up with this great idea to have a professionally built floating bar where they can work/profit during their off season from up North.The floating bar was built and a Sea Area Concession mooring was granted. It was an instant hit. A floating swimming platform was added and now another is being added to accommodate the crowds. Now after almost 2 years the couple would like to start a family and do not feel that this fun business may fit their new lifestyle plans….but maybe it fits yours!

Bottom line of this program is that you pay NO RENT while the boat is moored in place and that is a huge plus on any business. If you want to leave Bocas for a month or two, say in the slow months of May and September, you have the option! The boat can be towed to a secure slip at the Bocas Marina and you do not need to worry about it. You only pay the monthly marina slip fee when it is there. Simply tow it back when you are ready to come back and open. The floating barge which is 1 1/2 years old, has a solar system with batteries that powers the bar/restaurant and also powers the guest bands that play on the top deck. There is a septic system in place that handles the two bathrooms. Water tanks are also built into the pontoons. There is a kitchen that makes simple bar food such as nachos and tacos. The bar mixes specialty drinks and has cold beer. The owners know their business and developed this simple formula. A major benefit is the owners have learned valuable lessons on operating this floating bar and will help you shorten the learning curve. They are committed to educating a new buyer on all phases of operation. For the new start of the high season, they have painted the barge, installed new bilge pumps, and installed a new amplifier for the music system. New dishware was just purchased and new merchandise such as t-shirts and coozies are for sale.The purchase includes the complete floating bar, two swim platforms, moorings and all licences. The heavy lifting has been done so you take it from here. The business is only open during the day before dark so the working hours fit the lifestyle down here. The ideal new owner would be someone who loves meeting new people, has a promotional mind and knows what side of the bar to work on! This is a one of a kind business here and besides that, how cool is it that you can tell everyone that you own a bar in the Caribbean?




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