Titled Lodge Built For Bar/Restaurant Business at Popular Red Frog Beach



Titled Jungle Lodge built For Bar/Restaurant Business at Popular Red Frog Beach. This professionally built  jungle lodge is located at the last entrance of Red Frog Beach. Situated on a high traffic trail on the way to other popular beach bars, restaurants and lodges, This is the place to take what is there and put together a winning game plan in a pure piece of paradise.  Only a few can ever dream of owning and operating a very cool location like this, where monkeys swing by in the overhead trees as you go about your business. Your future clients will feel like they are in a Tarzan movie.

The building has solar power, water collection system, septic in place, full commercial kitchen, and essentially everything you need to start your own business. The original longtime owners built this beautiful building themselves working very hard and bringing all materials one by one from Bocas Town. They never got the chance to open their dream, as they went back to Europe for family reasons.

At the back of the building are 2 very nice guest rooms. Currently the business is being used as a yoga studio/internet lodge and the rooms are being rented. There is also ample room on this titled property to build other income producing small hillside cabinas with plenty of jungle views including monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds that come right up to the lodge.

The owners have done all the heavy lifting and now you can benefit operating your own dream Caribbean beach business located at a very popular place.There are 3 titled lots that are available from the owner if development space was needed. This is a beautiful piece of property and you have the savings of not being directly on the beach but on the sandy entrance trail.Looking for the right place to put your tourist business? You may have just found it!


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